What is miami oyster week?


MIAMI OYSTER WEEK is a CURATED COLLECTION OF OYSTER-CENTRIC EVENTS presented around Miami. It is produced by The OysterHood, creators & producers of New York Oyster Week,  Empire Oyster,  International Oyster Day &  Jingle Shells. Coming in January 2017, Miami Oyster Week presents an original and unique event for every schedule, budget, personality type and part of town. Events are designed and produced to engage & enchant everyone from the Oyster Aficionado to the Bivalve Curious. This inventive event series is paired with our SHOW & SHELL PROGRAM where we’ll showcase ten Elite Oyster Destinations in and around Miami. These restaurants and chefs will feature signature cooked & composed oyster dishes & pairings during Miami Oyster Week. In this way everyone will have a chance to discover, share and enjoy the most creative concoctions of Miami’s best Seafood Chefs & Oyster Destinations.